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Upcoming Events
    Do What Matters...Together Reading Plan
    Wednesday, 6/24:  Num 31:1-24, Ps 142
    Thursday, 6/25:  Num 31:25-54, Ps 143
    Friday, 6/26:  Num 32:1-24, Ps 144   
    Saturday, 6/27:  Num 32:25-42, Ps 145            
    Sunday, 6/28:  Num 33:1-37, Ps 146                    
    Monday, 6/29:  Num 33:38-56, Ps 147                 
    Tuesday, 6/30:  Num 34, Ps 148             
    Wednesday, 7/1:  Num 35, Ps 149                        

    Summer Sermon Series:  This Sunday we will begin a new sermon series, titled "Trending Topics", that will focus on what the Bible teaches about specific "hot button" issues in our world today.  Most of these issues were submitted by you, the congregation, over the past couple months.  Here's the schedule:

    Sunday, June 28th:  Homosexuality
    Sunday, July 5th:  Capital Punishment
    Sunday, July 12th:  Scandal, Truth Telling, and Redemption
    Sunday, July 19th:  Islamic Extremism and Muslim Relations  

    Bible Study Series for Men and Women:  On Sunday at 5:30pm there will be two sessions of Bible studies.  For the women, we will be doing the study "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore.  This is an 11 week study on the Book of Isaiah, which focuses on finding freedom from obstacles to God's grace in our lives.  For the men, we will be doing the study "Authentic Manhood:  A Man & His Design" by Dr. Robert Lewis.  It's a teaching series that enables men to understand masculinity from a biblical perspective.  For more information about either study, contact Jeremy or Ann Lundy at 270-307-2637 or 270-307-1325.   

    Night to Shine Movie Night and Cookout:  On Saturday, June 27th, the Methodist Men will be hosting a movie night and cookout for individuals with special needs and their families.  We will need donations of hot dogs/hamburgers and buns to cook and 3-4 people to cook out the hamburgers and hot-dogs. There is a signup sheet on the bulletin board to donate time and items to cook.

    Administrative Council Meeting:  On Sunday, June 28th, we will have our quarterly administrative council meeting at 6pm in the sanctuary.  We will receive a report from the building committee, as well as, reports from our seeking, sharing, and sending ministry teams.  Everyone is invited to attend