Welcome to College Heights UMC

Holy Week Worship Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities during Holy Week at College Heights!  On Thursday night we will be led in worship by special guests Matt and Joanna Black, Friday night we will experience a drama depicting what the disciples must have felt when Jesus was taken away, and on Easter we will celebrate baptisms and new members.  Childcare will be provided at all Holy Week services.  We invite you to join us!


Sunday - 4/12

  9:00 a.m.     Contemporary Worship

10:00 a.m.     Sunday School

10:00 noon     Hispanic Bible Study

11:00 a.m.     Traditional Worship

11:00 a.m.      Hispanic Worship Service

  3:30 p.m.      “A Night To Shine” Volunteer Training

  5:00 p.m.     Prayer Gathering

Monday - 4/14

  6:30 p.m.    “A Night To Shine” Volunteer Training

Tuesday - 4/15

  6:00 p.m.    Praise Team

Wednesday - 4/16

   6:00 p.m.    Choir Practice

  6:30 p.m.    Youth Group

Thursday - 4/17

  7:00 p.m.    Maundy Thursday Service

Friday - 4/18

  7:00 p.m.    Good Friday Service

Sunday - 4/20     Easter Sunday

  9:00 a.m.    Contemporary Worship

10:00 a.m.    Sunday School

10:00 noon    Hispanic Bible Study

11:00 a.m.     Traditional Worship

11:00 a.m.     Hispanic Worship Service