About Us

 Making Jesus Christ More Important
than Anything Else

From its inception, College Heights has been committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ that impact the world in a transformational way.  In the inaugural sermon, preached on September 10, 1961, founding pastor Rev. Mixon Carmichael said, “A true church is an outgrowth of God’s kingdom, strategically placed to bear witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ”.   Still today we are striving to let our worship of God spill outside the walls of the church in a way that makes a difference in the world.  This means daily learning, through our successes and our failures, how to surrender every part of our lives to the amazing journey of following Jesus.     


A Church Full of Misfits

Currently we are in the process of igniting our adventurous spirit as a church.  At our recent 50th Anniversary Celebration, Rev. Doug Greenwell reminded us that “College Heights has always been a church of misfits”.  We became known as the church that loved people no one else would love, welcomed people no one else would welcome, and pursued directions in ministry that no one else dared touch.  We are dreaming about how we can continue to embody the radical love and adventurous spirit of Jesus Christ in the future.